Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday on the road

September 15, 2005

I had a union meeting today which was blissfully short, and now I'm a trustee of the books I guess. It was explained to me that I just have to verify the record keeping is accurate, so it's not a lot of work.
I went to Raymore and Semans today, and had been planning on going to Govan but ran out of time after I had a bunch to do in Semans to finish improving their new highspeed Internet enabled network. On the radio on the way there it was "Bugs Day: The Hour of Rage" which happens every Thursday on News Talk Radio 980 CJME. The callers had things to say like there was an old lady currently driving the wrong way down the Circle Drive freeway in Saskatoon, and someone peeved that China Lilly soya sauce was in a "crisis level shortage". It seems the factory had been shut down for a while after a family death, and fans of the crucial condiment were going into withdrawal and had started buying it on eBay and hording it.
Then on the afternoon radio, Adler was talking about Britney Spears who reportedly has not given up smoking during her pregnancy, and is planning on having a C-section in order to avoid letting the baby fully develop so she won't keep gaining weight. Apparently her concern for the child is taking a severe backseat, to satisfy what her publicist is recommending no doubt. Such a caring expectant mother; Ick.

For supper I ate at A&W and had a chocolate shake in a glass mug, a veggie swiss burger, and a salad instead of fries. It came to the exact same [over]price of $8.01 as my two "teens with small fries" did the other day. Both meals were equally satisfying and tasty.

The weather outside is getting cooler, with a threat of light snow tonight although the official forecast is rain and +7. I don't think I'll cover the sunflowers, since the rain will make any cloth too heavy and possibly will break things.

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