Monday, November 07, 2005

My main blog is disabled temporarily

Yesterday I "ran out of room" on my webhost, or at least that's what Sasktel thinks. Really, they have a bug in their quota program, and they are working on the problem.

For now, here's today's entry:
The Vatican made a pronouncement against Intelligent Design, backing up what I said about ID being a backhanded attempt at teaching Christian creationism in the science classroom using non-scientific "evidence" from the Bible.

I went to Buchanan today, and Springside. After work I went shopping for groceries and took the bus home. I can't figure out why the bus always smells, but it's kind of unfortunate that it does.

I came across a CFL blog called Twelve Men on the Field. It has a lot of information if you're really into CFL stats and sites.

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