Monday, November 14, 2005

Main blog is running again

There was a blizzard today, so I didn't drive anywhere, but into the city to pick up a printer.

Thoughts on the "urban myth" that cities carry both rural expenses and their own:

"Why should we [urban dwellers] have to pay more for our phone service/electricity/roads/etc, etc, etc just so you [rural dwellers] can afford yours? If you like living in the middle of nowhere so much then be prepared to pay for it."

Why? Because you're not all selfish city slickers? Seriously though, because your groceries and oil and everything doesn't come from downtown New York, and if you want supplies in your cities you'll need people and support structures outside of cities to support your urban lifestyle. If you want skilled people to work out of the city you'll have to provide them with healthcare, communication, education, and entertainment, so consider supporting rural Internet service to be part of your grocery bill. You'll either pay it in rural subsidies, on your loaf of bread, or in revolution if you manage things badly enough in the central government.

My friend Alvil has gone to Korea to teach english at a school. He's setting up a blog at, which is bound to have interesting stories and photos soon.

I was on the Mike Wilson Show over a year ago, pitching my Pet Foil Hat Technology to him and his listeners. Yesterday [Nov. 18] I found out that he was let go from his station WMAY. Sorry to hear him go.

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At 11:56 a.m., Blogger Isis said...

Probably I am lame, but I could not figure out how to post on your other blog, so I'm commenting here. I especially love your pet tinfoil hats. Have you seen my post about tinfoil hats? Nowhere near as funny as yours because really it is just a compendium of tinfoil hat usages, but it might amuse you. Your comment about the CTR+ALT+DELETE was hilarious.

Keep warm, f.

At 5:13 p.m., Blogger Isis said...

Hi Saskboy,

Here is the link to the tin-foil hat silliness:



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