Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crater hunters rejoice; Customer Service; War criminal dies

Discover crater impact sites in your spare time? Someone did using Google Earth, and found two undiscovered craters in the first few hours, but not any after that initial success.

This morning I went looking for a "flying combine" outside of Saskatoon, and instead found a moving train that just crossed the Yellowhead #16 Highway. On you can see all sorts of interesting things, much better than my train discovery.


If you have a bad experience, the retailer really should make you happy again. Like, DUH, huh? I know when eBay treated me badly, I didn't say nice things about them, but now that someone there is making an effort to win me back, I'm not going to direct people elsewhere.


War criminal Slobodan Milosevic was found dead of natural causes in his jail cell this morning. Now if only Saddam Hussien would have the same sense of decency in his final act on earth, and pass away of natural causes before we all fight about whether we should let him rot in jail or kill him at the end of his trial.

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