Monday, January 23, 2006

Media Sticks Its Neck Out

Jeepers, the audacity of news agencies is galling. CTV at 9PM CST has projected a Conservative minority government. The polls aren't even closed in B.C. yet! Many of the seat projections they are working with come about from 1 polling station result out of nearly 200 in a riding. Their projections are an embarasment to journalism. CBC was making stupid comments too, when literally 10 votes were in for some ridings, and talking as if they'd stay that way. Allyce Herle [Lib] in Regina Qu'appelle was leading significantly after one polling station reported. We'll see how much she loses by later.
It will probably be the case that the Conservatives will have a minority government, but to announce it as fact before it's mathematically confirmed is just plain dumb, especially after all of the election prediction mistakes in recent memory.

I'm getting a lot of hits tonight from people looking for election results. Please pass on any links you've found that are helpful, or let me know if you've found my blog entries to be of help.

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