Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If You Can't Mark an X...

If You Can't Mark an X...

It seems Sudbury is the Florida of the Great White North, eh?

"I was surprised to see the first party listed as the "Marijuana Party" and then further down the ballot more surprised and a little confused when I saw "PC" followed by "Conservative". I know my candidates by name and made my selection, however for those that may not, it seems to me that this ballot is designed in a very confusingmanner.

I suspect that a good majority of the populace will not know whether to select PC or Conservative if they are casting a vote for Harper. A formal complaint should be filed with election Canada.

Voting is as simple as marking down a bleeding X or a smiley face! If you can't mark an X, you're not my kind of people! Brought to you by the Community Regatta Against Politics, and the Committee To Elect Jerry Boyle.

If someone's in such a rush that they mess up voting because they think PC means Conservative, and they aren't educated enough to know their candidate's name or MODERN party abbreviation, then I can't feel too sorry for them, only the poor hoser who lost one vote. If you miss mark your ballot, you can ask for one replacement. Do we really want someone who isn't "with it" enough to know how to vote for Harper, getting it right though? What does Doug's impression of the "majority" of Harper voters, say about Canadians? Is Doug right?

Doug does have a good point though that there should be no ambiguity between parties listed on the ballot. There should be space to include Conservative Party of Canada, and if there isn't use a smaller font. If someone's hard of seeing, and can't read small print there are provisions and equipment on site to help them select the correct circle next to their candidate in private.

Please note that CPC stands for the Communist Party of Canada, they had it first, not the Conservatives.

I became aware of this ballot "controversy" by reading the Small Dead Animals blog.

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At 5:29 p.m., Blogger the_yecart said...

Re: yr comment on my blog...

Assiniboia... But I have family and close friends in Wood Mtn. and Limerick, so I'm well prepared for Limerick Slo-pitch and Wood Mtn. Rodeo!!! Yee Haw!


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