Thursday, December 15, 2005

Harper and Martin pass the beer and popcorn

Monte Solberg is a Conservative with a popular blog because he has the occasional witty catch phrase that has them rolling in the aisles in the House. In an offhand comment on his blog he said, "Oh, the other thing [Tim Horton's]-- get rid of the blowdryer things in the washroom too and go back to paper towels." Now I enjoy paper towels more than air driers too, but it's my understanding that air driers are more energy efficient even with their use of electricity, than it is to bring in paper towel rolls, and dispose of them. It is disappointing that Monte is not aware of this reason, or doesn't care. Although it is encouraging to hear he washes his hands when leaving the restroom.

Harper and Martin, Pass the beer, and pass the popcorn.[I've sent the above paragraph as an email message to Mr. Solberg in case he'd like to clarify his position on air driers and the environment.]

We need a new national controversy. Move over "Beer vs. Children", it's going to now be "Air vs. Towel"? We know where Monte stands. Where do you stand?

Read Stephen Harper's speech from the 1990's. Harper wouldn't want you to read it, so you can
either wonder why that is and not, or read it and find out why. My friend 'Leet Hacker has archived the speech so that it will be preserved in its entirety as found on the web in a Google cache this
morning. Feel free to share the link with others who are interested in learning more about the Conservative's mysterious leader.

In otherelection news, the Green Party has assembled a factual webpage explaining the unfairness used to exclude them from the debate. They aren't whining, they have legitimate complaints because the choice to exclude the Party's leader Jim Harris from the Leaders debates starting tomorrow, is breaking the precedents of 1993, when both the Bloc and Reform parties were allowed to debate despite not winning any seats in the previous general election.

Feeling morbid? Here's a link for you to read about recently dead Saskatchewan residents.

There was more bad weather today, and I was fortunately able to do most of the repairs I needed to do over the phone and using remote control software. Tomorrow I'm probably headed up to Norquay though.

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At 10:26 p.m., Blogger jenkew said...

Ahhh... so many dead people, so little time.

Love the Harper-Martin photoshop job! Nice!

At 10:50 p.m., Blogger Saskboy said...

Thanks Jen Q.

I thought your name sounded familiar, I bet I've heard a report or two of yours on the radio before. I don't listen to CBC radio much these days, it doesn't come through loudly enough, so I have it tuned to CJME mostly [plenty of loud people there, har har].

I collected most of the source photos the other night, but got the popcorn bucket tonight so I was able to put my dream to paper, so to speak. I still suck overall at "photoshopping", but it's good enough for people who aren't picky about modified photos. I doubt Rick Mercer will pick it though, there's got to be 1500 just like it already emailed to him. My last entry a few months before his show started for the season is burried in my blog at see if you can spot it. It's pretty similar to two he's posted recently, but it's for King Ralph.


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