Friday, December 09, 2005

Sony puts foot in mouth yet again

Sony started the day with its foot in its mouth. Mediamax, their other known DRM infection had a patch released a few days back. The patch opens new flaws which can endanger your computer. The EFF which is typically a good guy had sadly endorsed the patch, so now they look like idiots too. The bottom line is, don't even think about buying a CD with the Content Copy Protected logo which is a black circle with a white triangle offset in it. I tried submitting this story to as: "Microsoft files "patch with hole" patent infringement suit on Sony, after a released patch for Sunncomm DRM has a hole in it".

Glyn Hotz has since found evidence that in late September 2005, EMI was aware of a problem in a DRM infected CD from the band Switchfoot that was breaking people's ability to burn any CD on their computer after playing it. has asked me to be on their People's Panel for Monday afternoon at about 1:00PM so I should be on air then. You can listen online if you don't get 980 AM radio in Regina. The topic is supposed to be just about the election generally, so I might get to spout off on whatever issues I think are important.

I went out for Christmas lunch with my co-workers today. There was freezing rain, which on the radio was said to be bad enough to make it hard for emergency workers to stand up on the highway. However, when we went at 1:00 PM, the rain had stopped, and the roads were fine because it was warm enough for melting. I used my ING bank card to get money for maybe only about the 2nd time since I've had it in all these years, and I went and got my car registration until next November. They gave me 18% off the regular price, because I'm such a fantastic guy... errr... fantastic driver.

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