Saturday, December 17, 2005

Interpreting Bowling for Bush

Last night I watched "The Interpreter" [5/10] which would have got a 7/10 if Will Smith or someone less irritating had played Sean Penn's role.

Bush is cooked? Not likely, but one can dream. Violating the US Constitution just doesn't hold the same stigma it once did. Bush authorized the NSA to spy on Americans in America, thus breaking the law, although he will try to argue that there was oversight and another law that authorized him to order the spying without a warrant. Will he be impeached? Hopefully.

I'm off to bowl now, 5 pin. I haven't 5 pin bowled in a couple years but I'm hoping to hit 200 points in at least one game.

Well, I'm back now, and I scored 138, 151, then 77 [in an abreviated 3 frame game because our hour was up]. My friends and I had so much fun that we are going back tomorrow too. When our time was running out, I encouraged my friend Brien to try left handed because he was having trouble scoring more than 100 points. It turns out he's better left handed, despite his claims that he's quite "dextrious" and not "ambi-dextirous". On his first bowl, he got all but a 2 pin, and cleaned the last pin on the 3rd bowl much to everyone's surprise. In my last three bowls, I got 2 strikes, and then a spare, meaning I had to quit in my best game of the day, as I was on track to shatter my score record of about 260. My first strike of the day came in the 10th frame, and I was so excited I didn't notice it was the 10th frame an I had my next two shots right away. Brien ended up missing in my second shot, then I missed in the third :-) There were remarkably few scores in the 100s across the 20 lanes or so there. It was also glow bowling, which means there are black lights to make white stuff glow green, and loud music and disco balls everywhere.

On the way back home, we saw a truck that had mounted the pile of snow in the middle of Albert St. It wasn't clear why he was there, but there was a cop behind him already, and the guy was sitting in his cab on his cell phone, probably telling his wife, "You'll never guess where I am..."

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At 1:52 a.m., Blogger Saskboy said...

I'm commenting because it's easier than adding a new entry, and I'm headed to bed right after I write this.

I watched "The 40 Year Old Virgin" [8/10] with Steve Carrel, which was a bit painful at the beginning, but settled into a groove for the bulk of it that was hillarious. "The Legend of Zoro" [8/10] was a bit better than "Virgin", although it wasn't as good as the first movie in its series. In between movies we went to the Broken Rack and played a couple games of pool.


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