Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sasktel Broken again Jan. 11, 2006 Wednesday

Freezing rain was on the plate today. I spent time fixing things in Bredenbury, then in the evening I had noodles, buffalo burger, and tomato mushroom sauce for supper. Rounding off the meal were some carrots and cheddar cheese melted on the main course. Now I think some fruit cake is in order.

I was going to grab some fruit cake right after I posted this comment, but Sasktel's webspace which I use to host my website, stopped accepting files. If you looked at this page tonight, or Jan. 12th odds are you saw a blank screen [if looking at my main page of]. Thank you Sasktel, it's only the third time this has happened, after you claimed it was fixed twice before. Thus is the nature of computers perhaps, but Sasktel is going to lose a user soon I think. At least it inspired me to work on my Blogger site which is in pretty good shape now with Haloscan, Ecosystem, Technorati, and installed.

The only thing on the news today was discussion of the "pulled", "never aired" Liberal attack ad that hinted at military "occupation" of Canadian cities if Harper wins. Paul Martin must be off his rocker now; oh how the mighty have fallen. First he threatens the Constitution in the second english debate, and then he threatens Canadians with a bogus attack on Harper. Tomorrow, he'll probably reverse his position he shouted at the start of the campaign, "I LOVE CANADA!" and the meltdown will be complete. Beer and popcorn anyone?

Sarmite Bulte let one slip, when she defended the fundraiser being hosted by the CRIA and movie cartels, which will support her re-election effort in the Toronto riding of Parkdale-High Park, saying, "People raise money all the time. I'm being absolutely transparent." That's right Sarmite, Canadians can see right through your plan to take legal campaign money from copyright dependent cartels right before toughening the Copyright Act in those cartels' favour. She's a likely
Heritage Minister, responsible for pushing through the next Bill C-60 the Copyright Act amendment proposed by the power hungry CRIA. But don't worry, if the Conservatives win, the CRIA made sure to [bribe, wait that's not the word...] fund the potential Heritage Minister for Harper's Tories too.

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