Friday, January 13, 2006

Conservative pool and interesting ads

Jan. 13, 2006 Friday

This is audio clip is pretty darn funny, even if you don't want the Conservatives to win. It seems the Liberal campaign managers must want the Cons. to win, because a blind, racist monkey with a pencil could organize a better campaign. Beer and popcorn anyone?

Paul Martin. With no Guns. In Canada.

Even Mansbridge of The National on CBC ripped into Martin over his latest ad gaffe. Coupled with his hand gun ban, and removal of the Notwithstanding clause to protect us from a Supreme Court running wild, the military scare tactics by Martin looks down right tyrannical. I'm surprised he hasn't got along more famously with George W. Bush. Maybe he should talk to North Koreans looking to manage his next campaign?

I wonder if Harper's smirky grin is going to grow so big this week, that he'll surpass Bush's smirk and worse, his face will actually invert as his mouth curls around his head? All it will take is for him to say another line his handlers have coached him on, and he'll remember he's supposed to smile after he's done talking, and THWWWOP!... Inverted head.

The main blog is still broken as of tonight, so I'll be posting this later on when it's finally fixed. Sasktel didn't take this long to fix it when they weren't "rushing" previously, so either it's really broken this time, or they are fixing it right and for always.

Jan. 12, 2006 Thursday

I went to Garry B.'s pool hall night, and played pool with Julian and Al of the NDP, and bumped into Eric of Staples who I've bought computer stuff from before. It was a good time. I got to interject after Garry claimed that "marriage has been like we're used to for thousands of years," and I pointed out it was "one thousand actually," before elaborating that the Catholic Church claimed marriage was a religious sacrament in the Middle Ages, and before then marriage was a civil union and not a religious ceremony.

Toward the end of the evening, my new NDP chums and I went over to thank Garry for the free pool games, and bend his ear a little more. Al brought up justice which he thought was a topic the Conservatives and NDP could work together on, and I'd agree because I think Layton is fed up with crime in Toronto, and is willing to look at ways of reducing it the Liberals haven't tried yet. I told Garry I couldn't support the Conservatives for their position on gay marriage alone, and he asked me what the position of the Green Party was on it. I couldn't answer, but I'd highly suspect that they'd either not have a stated position on it since the matter is settled equitibly right now, or they'd support legalizing religious unions between homosexuals, if the religion is fine with it. After all, consider this: The United Church of Canada has been marrying homosexuals, so if the government deems that to be illegal, then United worshipers are having their rights infringed upon. But the other way, where churches are permitted to marry homosexuals or not, churches are not forced to perform marriages they don't recognize, but the government won't turn around and invalidate the religious ceremony of the established religion.

Still on the topic of marriage, there's been a study done in Canada that seems to suggest that polygamists, people with more than one spouse, should be permitted under law to live here. I can't say I'm totally in favour of this, as contradictory as that may sound, mostly because of three things. One isn't a legitimate block, and that's my own preference to keeping Canada as a "couples" society. Second is that I think it seems likely that a higher rate of spousal abuse or neglect would arise from a poly-marriage. And third I think that poly-marriages result in more children, and especially more children with less bio-diversity which is something that Canada doesn't need.

Unite The Right comedy page is worth having a look at. It points out the various ways the Liberals and the Conservatives are the same party. I don't think that problem is quite as advanced as it is in the USA with the Democrats and Republican parties being indestinguishable to casual
observers, but it's something to keep an eye on anyway.

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