Monday, February 20, 2006

Catch the Crazy man; title combos continue

Poor crazy baseball player. Daulton was a player against the championship Blue Jays of 1993, in the World Series. It's sad to see someone so famous, so delusional, unless he's that way just to "convince" others of his doomsday scenario for some unknown purpose. Sure I might be advertising a foil hat for pets on this webpage, but that doesn't mean I actually THINK that the government and aliens are reading kitty's mind. Although I have told Springfield, IL through WMAY radio that I do think that, but they knew I was kidding.


I watched "Catch Me If You Can" [8/10] tonight, and found it to be really entertaining. I also learned how to make a wireless router work on dialup, I just needed to set the Windows sharing IP address as the DNS server for the router, and presto the webpages worked on the wireless laptop. I taped "Cast Away" yet another Tom Hanks movie and will watch it [again] later. I first saw the movie in 2003, when I was travelling North America, and it was in the tape collection of a friend in Oregon.

In my post titling gimick, I seem to be combining the themes of the post into one sentence. It makes for interesting reading when I go back over them later, thinking to myself, "what in the heck is that about?"

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