Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Heritage; Secrets; Spam blog

Heritage Canada's mission statement:
Canadian Content - Promoting the creation, dissemination and preservation of diverse Canadian cultural works, stories and symbols reflective of our past and expressive of our values and aspirations.
Hopefully they will realize that things like DRM and stricter copyright laws which the CRIA favours, are a hinderance to both dissemination and preservation of Canadian digital cultural works.

Computer User Secrets is a blog in the top 100 most popular by "links-to" and it's pretty easy reading aside from the flood of ads they feature everywhere. They don't appear to get very technical, so it may be good for beginners interested in learning a few new areas of computing.

I just wrote Blogger support and asked them how a "spam blog" managed to have a blogger site without a "flag this" report button at the top. It was going to be the first time I'd ever use that button - and it wasn't there! Here's what I wrote:
This spam blog doesn't have a Flag button at the top, how did they remove it? The blog is gibberish with only links to poker sites." I'll let you know if Blogger responds with an answer, or possibly a bugfix.

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