Monday, February 13, 2006

Gormley fawns over Harper: He can do no wrong

John Gormley of has fawned over Harper's cabinet picks before.
Gormley's "60 Seconds" bit today was laughable. While he's pushing that the big bad liberal media fawns over "Canada's natural governing party - the Liberals," he's ignoring that his natural governing party is the Conservative Party and he puts his own fawning support behind it with the same kind of blind and emotional loyalty. "Harper hasn't yet begun to rule, and the media is already saying he's lost our trust. What if he brings in the Federal Accountability Act?" Yeah, what if he does that? So what? He's already broken two or three cornerstones of his campaign platform with his bungling of cabinet/Senate appointments. If he can't be expected to work under his own "government accountability" conditions, then why should he inflict that untenable law on the next party to govern? He can't even live for 2 weeks with his own promises, and own laws, so what does that say about his governing skill, and his truthfulness?

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