Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Laser Glasses + Old Film = Absolute Power

I like stories like this one, it's like time travel almost. An antique camera had undeveloped film in it, and a historical society had it developed which revealed a picture with an old man on a ladder. With a little work they found his name and some of his history in the Piapot and Yorkton regions of the province.
Super vision LASER lenses

Sharks with poor vision are reportedly thrilled by this news. This is a great idea. Lasers in the eyeball? What could go wrong? Seriously though, this is cool stuff. But also, seriously, it'll go wrong.
The hope is that people with poor retinas might be helped by this auto focus technique also used to compensate for atmospheric disturbances when pointing a telescope through the air. As someone on Slashdot pointed out though, people might use this as a vision crutch, weakening their eyes for normal use when not wearing their vision device.

Saskatchewan's Smartest radio listener contest from
Q) It was a cold February long ago when Saskatchewan first had this?

A) The children from Borden school who always call in guessed the coldest day, but Saskatchewan in 1946 had the first air ambulance in the world.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The only problem for Stephen Harper, is that he DOESN'T have absolute power, so what's his excuse? How can any clear thinking person support his campaign promise breaking on day one before things even put pressure on him? I thought he was supposed to Stand up for Canada, not put down the idea of accountable democracy on day one.

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