Saturday, February 04, 2006

Garry Breitkreuz's pool night pre-election

Here's a picture of me with Canadian Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville riding, Garry Breitkreuz.
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Garry's against the gun registry, which I agree is a fair position considering the massive waste it has been, but he's also against gay marriage, and also apparently against answering my emails regarding the failed Bill C-60 which was to "modernize" Canada's Copyright Act in favour of media cartels. He'll get a 4th chance to respond in the coming weeks when I send him another email to the address I got from his campaign office in the mall during the election campaign.

I'm headed to see "Flight Plan" tonight which looks good, and can't very well be a worse choice than Syriana was last night. For now I think I'll get some bike quotes to finally get my favourite mode of transportation ready in the Spring which ought to be coming soon according to many groundhogs.

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