Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mining TV for Radios using Needle Math Rankings

Esterhazy is one place I travel to for my job. Here's a picture
of a potash mine north of the town, possibly the K2 where the accident
occurred [otherwise it's another potash mine close to K2 which I know
I've seen before during my drive out there. There are several
mines in the area around Yarbo.].

Esterhazy K[?] mine

The 72 miners trapped after a fire underground, are now safely on the surface.

It wasn't an ad on one of my pages, but on a news report where a Penn.
supermarket's sealed soup can contained a sewing needle, there was this
Google ad: "Buy Huber Needles here". Tasteful.

I was on John Gormley's show for the first time today as a caller for a
topic. The topic of the show was TV in 2012, the "Death of TV as
we Know It". I'll try to record it when it's replayed tonight,
and give you a transcript here later. I got to bash the CRIA's dirty
lobbying of potential MPs destined to run Heritage Canada so they could
introduce DMCA type copyright legislation, and plug watching VHS
through my 17" LCD computer screen.

Ha, someone [Mike the Greek, the fellow who tipped SK off as to the
China Lilly Soya Sauce "crisis"] who called after me said that if
someone wants to watch a reality show, they should open their window
and look out at the people outside. "It's craaaziness!" he intoned, and
remarked too that he got rid of his cell phone and he's the only
business man he knows who's done that. He had his "best year
ever", from doing it. I don't own a cell phone either, although I
have one for work emergencies that I've used about 5 times in almost 2
years. Even most pay-as-you-go phones are not cheap, they cost
about $200 a year after taxes and cards per month with only minimal use.

Rank: 29,240 (70 links from 66 sites) my stats onTechnorati have improved a lot since last time, I've moved up more than

10,000 in rank in just one week. At this rate I'll be number one in just 3 weeks, har har.

I am what I eat, and I think too therefore I eat.

Profound, no?

Well, it's a mathematical proof sadly, it just kinda slipped out into a
conversation I was having.

We think, therefore we am.

We am what we eat...

Therefore we think what we eat. QED, right?

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