Friday, January 27, 2006

Stupid, Stupid, stupid...

On I saw the link for VeggiePets a horrid pet food site where people go to get information on how to "ethically" mal-nourish their pet in the unnatural vegetarian way. These sellers and buyers must be the same twerps who propose giving wild carnivores a lifetime supply of tofu rodents to survive on. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Also on a food note, and just as stupid, but hey this time it's funny, is The Toast Shop. These British blokes at the Shop stole my idea though, since I'd sold toast on eBay several years ago to a couple happy customers.

Again from is where people submit pictures of their cats, with stuff on them. Fortunately these loving pet owners don't put heavy things the cat doesn't like on top of them, because that would be a bad idea. Well, it's arguable that anything on top of a cat is a bad idea, but who's to say where the line is drawn if kitty doesn't object?

And in other senseless news, the ad for a Regina restaurant where the narrator of the ad describes himself in nothing but "a gitch" because he's had his meal delivered, is back on the air. I heard it on CJME radio's evening show the other day. Why would a restaurant want to associate its food with the word gitch [which means tight men's underwear]? Stupid, stupid, stupid...

On my drive back home from Watson, Spalding, and Engelfeld I passed by Insinger which has two Ukranian churches within 4km of each other.

A Ukranian church at Insinger, Saskatchewan

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