Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dinosaurs posed for art? Aboriginals 65 million years old?

Apparently, a squiggly drawing on a petroglyph is rock solid proof that Native Americans were alive 65 Million years ago. I knew that Native Americans had been in North America for possibly 10,000 years, but who'd have thunk that some Young Earth oddball would give them several million years prior claim to this land we all call home now. Oh, wait, maybe that's not what they were getting at.

I could draw a picture of Abe Lincoln, but that doesn't mean I was alive when Honest Abe was. Or I could sketch a parakeet/robin/kiwi, but does that mean I am drawing a picture of an extinct dodo bird? I guess when one rejects logic, it's easy to get carried away and figure that everyone else is also incapable of telling facts from fiction. That would explain why there was such a push to banish Harry Potter books. Modern fiction written by a woman = evil. Ancient fiction written by old dead white dudes = sacred.

What's most depressing about this bible.ca site, is that I saw a huge ad for it on a university educated Saskatchewanian blogger's site. It wasn't there for satirical purposes either, which is the only plausible reason I can think of for an educated or religious person to give it any publicity. After all, who would want their religion to be dragged down by associating with a half wit web site featuring only arguments attacking scientific theories like carbon-14 dating, and well tested sciences like geology, astronomy, biology, and chemistry? Is this the Middle Ages again where some Christians are trying to whip up support to burn the heretic scientists?

Shouldn't all educated Christians be trying to distance themselves from crackpot theories and web sites by calling publicly for logic to prevail? After all it's not like science is a threat to religion. No scientist has ever burned a bible at the stake, forced a priest to publicly recant his faith in God or Jesus, or demanded stickers be put in every Bible saying, "Jesus being mankind's only saviour is just a theory. For alternate theories on salvation, see your local library for books such as "Stephen Hawking's Universe: The Cosmos Explained", or "An Introduction to Buddhism"." Sure, the destruction of Western society's education system isn't as dramatic as burning down embassies with an angry mob, but it could hurt society even more. And who really deserves more scorn in the world: An uneducated eastern Muslim man who is told his religion is under attack by western countries, or an educated western Christian man who concocts lies about science to attack the education system?
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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