Sunday, February 05, 2006

University of Regina new buildings; Bus ride; TD fake crash

Here's a photo of a church in Quill Lake, on Thursday.
Quill Lake

On Sunday I wandered around the UofR campus for a few minutes and stopped by the site of the new Lab building. Ralph Goodale would be sure to note it as one of his accomplishments for the improvement of Regina's university grounds. It seems unlikely to me anyway that without his input as Finance Minister during Martin's government, that we'd not have got the funding for a construction project like that. I ended up in Luther College and played a few games of pool with a film major I knew from a few years ago, and he's almost finished his degree.
I walked through the Library hallway, and there are locked display cabinets with photos of dignitaries lining the walls. Some saucy chap had slipped a contraband poster into a case, advertising a truly Saskatchewan product, but they left their phone number off the poster for some reason:
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Now that's what I call, a dirty joke. By the way, on CJME the dictionary lady guest they had on the air the other day identified 'gitch' and 'gotch' as uniquely Saskatchewanian words, possibly with a Ukrainian origin. Although in Alberta the words 'ginch' and 'gonch' replace the 't' sounds with 'n' sounds.
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The bus ride home was uneventful, even though there was freezing rain. The bus driver who I recognized from the bus route through Lafleche in last Summer, was concerned at Fort Qu'Appelle that he was leaving someone behind, but it turns out the passenger got off early there instead of at Balcarres. There was a car in the ditch before Melville, but the driver'd already been picked up. There were three people with headphones on listening to their music that was audible to even me. Two were sitting in the seats around mine, and one at the very back of the bus when I was about 4 seats back from the front. At the Fort, the driver asked the one he'd heard if she could turn it down. It hadn't bothered me because I had been asleep before White City even, but it was bothering him because "it wasn't country [music]" he said jokingly.

I think there's a problem with TD's market indices page tonight. Otherwise there's been a market crash in the United States unlike any seen, because the Canadian dollar wasn't worth $57,575.80 US dollars yesterday, and it's not up $4.20 today too. If it is though, today is the day to buy US currency, and then go out and buy the state of your choice. My friend Robert has dibs on California and North Dakota, but I called Nevada and New York.

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At 12:45 p.m., Blogger John Murney said...

The U of R campus is a fun place, and very exciting place to be! You just scratched the surface when you were here on Sunday!

maybe we passed each other in the halls and didn't know it! When were you here?

At 1:15 p.m., Blogger Saskboy said...

I was there Sunday between 2 and 3, and most days at Luther College between 1998-2003 [except for work terms in 2000, and 2002].


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