Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scam Baiting to Betting Scandal

Scam Busted is a new blog with the developing story of a Saskatchewan person toying with a Nigerian scammer. I'm going to keep my eye on it and post the most interesting updates.

Sweet! Money in the mail from SGI coming soon. Now if only people would be good drivers more often, and we could always have this 8% rebate, and fewer medical bills to pay for too. SLOW DOWN! I'm talking to you. Yeah you in the fast car skidding up to the red light which has been red for the last 5 seconds.

[Update: An update this morning in Gretzky news. Chris from the blogosphere pointed out thae update that the wiretap revealing Gretzky knew about the gambling ring, was done after the news started to break around him, and not a month ago.] Well, the "Great One" [was] starting to look like he might be in hot water. Could he become the next Pete Rose by "not" betting on baseball? I'm hoping the facts don't show that he was involved in Rick Tocchet's gambling ring, because we still need sports heroes that haven't tarnished their name. See: McGuire, Sosa, Palmerio, Rose, hmm Baseball players are a theme. Could they be why the IOC has pulled baseball [and poor ol' softball] from the 2012 Olympics in London? Oh wait, there's McSorely, Brasheer, Federov, Tocchet [conviction pending] of the hockey world with a touch of scandal around them too after attaining fame in their game. Speak of a scandal and what shall appear? Theodore tests positive.

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At 1:06 a.m., Blogger Chris said...

Actually, his "wire-tap" involvement is apparently false. A phone call he made to Tocchet, which was thought to have occurred before the gambling ring went public, was actually made after an officer of the New Jersey State Police let Gretzky know about the issue.

He's definitely clean. His wife, however...


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