Wednesday, February 22, 2006

East Vacation 2006; Smartest Listener; Unipage

I planned out more of my Summer trip to Ontario and the Maritimes, last night. The Canada Pass for Greyhoud that lasts for 10 days is my best option, and it's only $379. I'm flying back home in July on Air Canada from St. John's.

Marjory at the Provincial Library won the Sask. Smartest Radio Listener contest this week. What significance does Shilo have to Saskatchewan? Well 100 years ago during the period of 1905-1911 American blacks from Oklahoma settled in Shilo, SK to escape racism in their home state and made one of the first black settlements in Western Canada. Of course there were already many in Nova Scotia, Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

Unipage is a free program that might replace Adobe Acrobat one day.

Gormley's 60 seconds I mentioned the other day.

National "Be Glad You're not Cheney" Week. Let me guess, during the week, the population will be encouraged to bag a lawyer to trim the herd down to a less litigious size? Lawyers running across the freeway after ambulances, have bcome a major safety concern around some parts. An open season might be just what nature needs to put things back into balance.

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