Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moose Jaw; Modeling old sk00l

I drove home to Yorkton from Wood Mountain Sunday, ending up for supper in Moose Jaw with my friend. We went to Wayne and Lavern's and stuffed ourselves on the buffet which was Italian themed today. I ate pizza without a fork and knife even, to much surprise, but hey it wasn't falling apart because the pieces were small enough. I filled up in Melville on ethanol blended gas, running on a very low tank when I rolled into the Mohawk. And I added a spider plant to my fish's water which will spruce up his bowl a little bit.

My project this week might be to finish the assembly of a model Zero airplane, but I think I don't have the tissue covering that will be needed. I remembered to grab the dope [glue] but no paper, unless it's in the box still. Painting will have to wait for another time when I either find the right stuff at home, or find a model shop with the right paints, in Yorkton or online. After about 12 years, it seems unlikely that the tube of glue will still work for the bit of assembly left, although I do have carpenter's glue on hand which ought to work well on balsa wood. And the tool most important that I will need to improvise on, would be an xacto knife. I think my swiss army knife is sharp enough and ought to do the trick if I have any more peices to cut out.

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