Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Save Wonderland

CBC was saying "our hockey hopes went down the drain". Err, we won GOLD in women's hockey, the men don't count for all of hockey. It's a shame the loser men hockey players will get more press than Cindy Klassen who's won her 4th medal, a gold today. The second place in that race was also Canadian, and we got a Gold in ski sprint as well.

CBC as I reported earlier, is cancelling This is Wonderland, but you can fight their choice and sign this petition. Wonderland is my favourite CBC drama, and it's a hoot too, so hop over and add your initials to the petition please.

Someone lost their camera in Hawaii, or did they have it stolen? It seems it was taken by a Canadian family who decided to smuggle it into Canada and keep it after telling the victim what they did!

CCD inventors were honoured this week. According to CBC News, "Willard Boyle, a Canadian scientist who helped invent the light-sensitive chip, accepted [the prestigious Charles Stark Draper Prize] in the U.S. on Tuesday. Boyle and George Smith will share the $500,000 US award for the invention of the "Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), a light-sensitive component at the heart of digital cameras and other widely used imaging technologies," the U.S. National Academy of Engineering said." Those other devices include the Hubble Space Telescope, and orthoscopic medical instruments. "Boyle and Smith came up with the idea for the device while working at Bell Laboratories in 1969. 'It was after maybe an hour's work,' Boyle recalled. 'We went over to the blackboard and we had some sketching there. We went down to our models lab and made one.'"

This story went on Slashdot's frontpage tonight.

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