Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blogger removes spam blog that removed spam button

A few weeks ago I wrote support because I found a spam-blog [autocreated to only advertise online gambling sites], and it had the "flag this blog as bad" button completely gone from the navagation bar. That shouldn't be possible, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of Blogger. Here's their response many days later:


Thanks for writing us regarding this possible Terms of Service violation.
We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

If you come across a spam blog that does not contain a flag icon on its
NavBar, please feel free to write in and notify Blogger Support. However,
please note that Blogger has implemented automated spam classifying
algorithms to help identify and target spam blogs.

For more information about what we're doing about spam, please see the
following Blogger Help article:

Blogger Support

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