Thursday, February 23, 2006

Valentines expense, and Interview with me by Ash

Samantha Burns linked to me since I wrote an article she published.

  "While the average expected Valentine's Day spending on gifts for others
is $92.59 per person, Canadians are more concerned with showing appreciation
than with extravagance." - Source Pollara

But in Sask. the average guy spends only $60 on his sweetie on the big day of romance. I'm happy to have brought that average way down. Birthdays and Christmas are the "big" gift times, or just any time for a little gift.

First part of the Interview Meme for Bloggers

Who's better Barbie or Ken?
Ken's better, because even though he's unable to remove his underwear, at least he has room for his internal organs.

What would it take to get you into a glittery dress and a bra? $1 Million Dollars, and it would have to be at Halloween.

Compare your IQ to a Simpsons character, and which one do you think has an IQ closest to yours. My IQ would be closest to Principal Skinner's, and to compare myself to another Simpson's character, I'd choose Homer because there is no way I could come out dumber, because I am so smrt.

If Puff the magic dragon flew by your window tomorrow night and invited you to a party in his cave with the teletubbies and Catherine Zeta Jones, would u accept and why?

I'd have to say no, because I don't like the teletubbies, and I'd be concerned that Jones' husband Michael would get jealous.

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