Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crater hunters rejoice; Customer Service; War criminal dies

Discover crater impact sites in your spare time? Someone did using Google Earth, and found two undiscovered craters in the first few hours, but not any after that initial success.

This morning I went looking for a "flying combine" outside of Saskatoon, and instead found a moving train that just crossed the Yellowhead #16 Highway. On you can see all sorts of interesting things, much better than my train discovery.


If you have a bad experience, the retailer really should make you happy again. Like, DUH, huh? I know when eBay treated me badly, I didn't say nice things about them, but now that someone there is making an effort to win me back, I'm not going to direct people elsewhere.


War criminal Slobodan Milosevic was found dead of natural causes in his jail cell this morning. Now if only Saddam Hussien would have the same sense of decency in his final act on earth, and pass away of natural causes before we all fight about whether we should let him rot in jail or kill him at the end of his trial.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Sheaf Gate and the War in Canada

First off concerning SheafGate:

Here’s an excellent opinion about the events surrounding the publishing of Capitalist Piglet in The Sheaf UofS paper. And I’ve got links from the editor in the heart of the storm. He points out that there was no outcry at the cartoon depiction of love between a hot lady and rabbit. Before that The Wayward Reporter details a timeline in the controversy. There has also been a blog set up to support the Sheaf, and to counter the boycott blog that got provincial media coverage while the webmaster remained anonymous and bashed bookstores for selling The Da Vinci Code [while claiming the work of fiction is an anti-Christian historical document possibly].


Now moving on to war, a REAL war, the one we’re fighting in Afghanistan. I feel that Canada is justified in staying in the battlezone and assisting the defenseless Afghani people who have no control over the warlords or Taliban thugs. I also feel it’s essential that the House of Commons vote on where our Canadian Forces are deployed. If the House can’t be consulted before the deployment, then they should at least review the action every 6 months, because we owe our brave troops at least that much consideration.

It’s so, pardon me for drawing from recent events, American to send an army overseas without consulting the people’s representatives in an official capacity. It doesn’t show disrespect to the troops or mission to vote on their deployment, it just shows good common sense if we want to remain a democracy. After all, how would you like it if your government sent your daughter overseas to invade Belgium, and you didn’t have a voice in Parliament, or any organization for that matter, that holds the Defence minister accountable if the invasion isn’t in the defense of Belgians and Canadians?

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

ebay - CBC Humour Leader Kit

A CBC Humour Leader Kit is my latest eBay creation. Don’t forget to check out my Pet Foil Hat Technology too though, it still sees daily interest according to Google so I might as well try to sell another one. The No Smoking stickers are a good seller too, and I’m happy to help people tell others to ‘butt out’.

I created the CBC Humour Leader Kit because of Rick Mercer’s Liberal Leader Kit of course. He told me today that when a comedian finds something that works, “you flog it like a rented mule”. Since Rick already found what eBay auction of the week works, I’m going to help flog his joke like a rented mule, whilst at the same time poke my beloved CBC with a good natured stick. Do you suppose I should have included instructions on how to draw political cartoons? No, I didn’t think so either.

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Saskboy on CBC Noon Edition today

I’m looking forward to my noon time appearance on the Noon Edition where I’ll get to ask Rick Mercer a question. If you’re at a computer or a radio 540AM in Saskatchewan, check me out Thursday about 12:40 PM.

Rick’s auction on eBay is up to $16,000,000 already, and I think he’ll have to pre-approve his bidders to get the beer money he was after. Former PM Joe Clark [or so the old ebay ID claims] is also bidding on the leadership kit.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Karwacki's chances; Canada; Pot; Cartoon

SK Liberal leader David Karwacki has a good chance of winning when he runs in Weyburn-Big Muddy [PDF]. In 1995 the Liberals got as many votes as both the NDP and PC parties, and only in '99 after the meltdown from the defection of SK Liberal members to the Sask Party, that they got fewer votes than the NDP.

1995 G.E. – June 21
Judy Llewellyn Bradley............................................................................................ NDP 3506
Hugh M. Kimball ...................................................................................................... Lib 2373
Brenda Bakken........................................................................................................ PC 2434

1999 G.E. – September 16
Brenda Bakken ....................................................................................................... SP 4015
Judy Llewellyn Bradley............................................................................................ NDP 2899
Joseph F. Weisgerber ........................................................................................... Lib 1373

Connect2Canada is a website run by the Canadian Embassy in Washington. It's designed to help deliver facts about Canada to Americans, so that lies spread by Fox News and misinformed bloggers will be debunked.

On the Reality Check, 79% said Harper is right to not decriminalize Pot. I said No, but I'm not sure they counted my vote because I didn't hear my "no" voice played on the radio when they called "Line 5". Why did I say no, even though I don't think people should not smoke? Because the criminalization of pot hinders "no THC" hemp acceptance as a textile industry that Saskatchewan could be making money from, and it's a waste of police resources to break up the pot trade that could be making blood money for the government in a legal market instead. There could still be fines for smoking pot in public, or driving while impaired, so it's not like decriminalization would be carte blanche for the public to go out and get high.

I sent John Gormley this email today, to signify that not all of his listeners are pleased with his overeager reporting on The Sheaf Cartoon.

Hi John,
I wasn't impressed yesterday when you stated several times that you'd push the cartoon issue until everyone at The Sheaf was turfed. I agree with a few of your callers that you're blowing a youthfully-misguided stunt out of proportion. The cartoon is offensive yes, but it's clearly a satire of media/capitalist exploitation of religion, and it did a damn good job at demonstrating that too.
Remember how at one point you favoured the publication of similar cartoons considered at least as offensive in the Muslim world? And now you're using your considerable influence to crusade for the heads of people protesting the censorship of the Jyllands-Posten cartoon in The Sheaf. I don't think that's right.

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Questioning Rick Mercer's Liberal Leadership Kit on eBay

Jordon Cooper's weblog: The Rick Mercer Report Liberal Leadership Kit on eBay
Rick Mercer is offering advice on how to become the next Prime Minis...err Liberal leader of Canada.
The bid price is already in the thousands after starting at a tempting $15, so I wrote in a question instead of bidding.
Good Morning RMR,
I'm afraid your kit is a bit too expensive, even given the possibility it would lead to me being the Prime Minister of Canada. Do you have a kit planned for obtaining the leadership of a "lesser" party, asuming it would be a fraction of the final bid price for Liberal leader?
Do you have a Democrat kit planned for our American friends?
Thank you,
Yorkton, SK
Update: CBC has asked if I'd like to give eBay advice to Rick on the Noon Edition in SK . I said sure, so listen for me talking to Rick Mercer briefly at 12:40pm on Thursday. I'm pretty excited, I don't get to speak with an international celebrity very often. In fact, I can't think of another international celebrity I've spoken with, since Ralph Goodale doesn't meet the international criteria, and my radio interview in Springfield IL wasn't broadcast internationally or with a celebrity. This ought to be more fun than going to a Bill Clinton speech in a blue dress.

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grrrl meets world: Saskatoon Cartoon Reveals Bafoons.

grrrl meets world: gadfly to fundamentalists everywhere
"Last week the campus newspaper The Sheaf published a rather controversial cartoon -- namely, one that had a cartoon Jesus performing a sexual act on a capitalist pig. [Tasteless, yes. Interesting commentary on the unholy merging of religion and capitalism/consumerism? Hmmm, maybe.]"

It seems I'm far from alone in the idea that this cartoon has a message to go along with its shocking facade.

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Twins Pucket - dead at 45

Sask. Fish Tales: Twins baseball star dead at 45
The Minnesota Twins' star player Kirby Pucket, who retired years ago due to health problems, died from a stroke the other day. I wasn't a Twins fan, but I liked Pucket.

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The Sheaf Hits the Fan

Tuesday was interesting on the radio. I got rather riled up as I listened to John Gormley announce he’d not let the issue die until every sitting member of The Sheaf was fired and/or brought before the human rights commission for their poor taste political cartoon satirizing the non-publication of the Muslim cartoons the previous week. It seems obvious to me that the cartoon authors were doing what one caller to the radio show described, and that was satirizing capitalists who exploit the divisive potential of religion for monetary gain [in addition to protesting the non-publication of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons]. Rawlco Radio easily fell for this trap, and Mr. Gormley’s view is about as hypocritical as the paper’s since he last I heard was in favour of the publication of the Muslim cartoons which in many countries were considered more vile than this Jesus cartoon was.

I thought it was really irresponsible of Mr. Gormley to suddenly pick up on a caller’s opinion that this cartoon was illegal hate literature, and started calling it that too. That’s as good as an accusation of a crime, which I thought he had more class than to do that, especially since he should know his spin can affect opinions in the province. I can see how the comic is offensive to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, since Jesus is a figure in all three, and sex acts with animals equally offensive. Especially since pigs are considered unclean in Judaism and Islam, it could be seen in a completely differently offensive way depending on the person. That’s why it’s so easy to realize that there could be a perspective where the cartoon isn’t solely offensive, only vile in a Howard Stern way, and in the context of the paper not printing the Muslim Cartoons it’s possibly a protest against that decision.

Was it right to publish the cartoon of Jesus in a sexual act with the capitalist piglet? No, it was not the best thought out form of protest, or political statement because it will likely see the authors dragged before a tribunal of some sort to satisfy the hypocrites that condemned Muslim reaction to a set of cartoons they found offensive. At no time did Mr. Gormley or his callers bemoan the fact that Muslims had no human rights tribunals to punish the cartoonists with, yet here they are chomping at the bit to use the harshest legal punishments they can devise for rebellious activists who managed to get published in a STUDENT newspaper. It was not a good idea to publish the cartoon, because a lot of people just feel it’s not right to be that crude in print, and that’s a fair enough opinion. I prefer a well worded protest or rant to an in-your-face cartoon, but the odds of being noticed are a lot better with an offensive cartoon than just another weblog/editorial rant.

Here’s a response to the cartoon that I feel is the most appropriate for a Christian to have:

“The following is a submission to Life of Turner from an anonymous source:

I’ve been trying to figure out what the publishing of the “Capitalist Piglet” means to me, and I realize the answer is not much. Did the Sheaf have the right to publish it? Yes. Did Yiph have the right to create it? Yes. Do I have to like it? No. As a Christian, I am taught that that which is permissible is not always beneficial. This cartoon is obviously not beneficial to me, but I have to respect the permissibility of it. Furthermore, I am taught that where I am weak, God is strong. Looking at the cartoon makes me want to be outraged and yet I can find peace. Part of this peace is knowing that my outrage is superficial at best, as this cartoon does not hinder my salvation or the salvation of anyone else. My outrage is based either in the fact that their own editorial policy was broken, or that my fees have paid for this to be published. Peace comes in knowing that Christ has been here already. He was sworn at and spat on during his march to Calvary, and this is no different. If I am to be an ambassador of peace, then why should I be up in arms? My role is to spread truth and to help find resolution rather than to point blame. Mistakes were made, and now forgiveness is to be had. As a Christian the best thing I can do now is to love those who need it. When dealing with an issue in the Bible, Jesus would often use wit to turn a situation around and to bring something beneficial to light. Our wit is this: the staff at the Sheaf need to be encouraged. They need support, but mostly they need forgiveness. The University community needs to put this issue down and to have something productive come from it. We all have a part to play in being Christ to the world and it all starts with forgiveness.

I was most disturbed by the caller to CJME that claimed Ahenakew’s anti-semitic comments about the holocaust were in some way comparable to this cartoon [the Jesus cartoon can be seen on Small Dead Animals]. I can’t see how claiming “Hitler was right to fry 6 million of those guys” in any way mirrors the satirical cartoon depiction of a divine saviour [from ancient literature and regarded as the son of God to many North Americans] in a sexual act with a cartoon representation of capitalist greed. In the context of the recent battle over whether or not to publish “vile” depictions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, the cartoon is simply a misjudged attempt at satire. If it had been published two months ago when it wouldn’t be as clear why someone should think it to be satirical, then I acknowledge the “hate literature” charge could possibly stick. In Canada for a crime to be committed you need both the criminal act and the intent. I honestly don’t think the intent of the cartoonists was to tell people to hate Christians, Muslims, and Jews. But that’s just my opinion, and Derek’s too, and in the coming days the authors’ comments might shed some further light on the whole issue.

“Derek Turner, a Sheaf board member, said he was aware of the cartoon [through a friendship only] before it was published and understood the cartoonists intended to make a point about the paper’s decision not to publish the controversial Mohammed cartoons.

“I was quite surprised to see it in the Sheaf, and quite disappointed in the editorial decision to publish such a cartoon, particularly at such a tenuous politically and religiously charged time,” Mr. Turner said.”

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog is back - to some degree

While some people will still get an error when trying to visit , others will see my new WordPress blog which is just starting to take shape. If you get an error when you visit my link, try pressing Go on your address bar again or visit instead in the meantime and I'll give updates there.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Domain Name administration isn't fun.

My blog is experiencing growing pains over the next couple days. If you can't reach my site through, try again with instead.

At least when I changed a light bulb in my car this afternoon, my signal light system started working properly again.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Scam Busted material

There's been an update on the Scam Busted website. I know I just hate it when I get a large bitmap emailed to me, although the last time that happened I was on dialup.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

A big red spot from ethical jabbing?

PM Harper is looking at some trouble from Canada's Ethics Commissioner, for allowing and perhaps even encouraging MP Emerson to cross the floor and join the Conservative cabinet. It's about time Harper's outright deceit during the election campaign is brought to widespread attention. The problem is that the Commissioner hardly seems fair in investigating when he's made comments before stating he couldn't in between parliament sitting.

The planet Jupiter is growing a new red spot. Jupiter is already well known for its Great Red Spot storm which is visible through modest backyard telescopes, so it will be interesting if this newer spot sticks around and grows. "The official name of this storm is "Oval BA," but "Red Jr." might be better. It's about half the size of the famous Great Red Spot and almost exactly the same color. Oval BA first appeared in the year 2000 when three smaller spots collided and merged. A similar merger centuries ago may have created the original Great Red Spot, a storm twice as wide as our planet and at least 300 years old."
This was submitted to Slashdot and accepted.

The EpiPen costs about $100CDN and is still effective says the coroner investigating the death of a teen who reportedly got a "kiss of death" from a peanut eating smoocher. The EpiPen involved wasn't used properly [or at all it sounds like], and nut oil from a kiss wasn't the cause of death either. The big media got the story wrong? Oh my that never happens...

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blogger removes spam blog that removed spam button

A few weeks ago I wrote support because I found a spam-blog [autocreated to only advertise online gambling sites], and it had the "flag this blog as bad" button completely gone from the navagation bar. That shouldn't be possible, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of Blogger. Here's their response many days later:


Thanks for writing us regarding this possible Terms of Service violation.
We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

If you come across a spam blog that does not contain a flag icon on its
NavBar, please feel free to write in and notify Blogger Support. However,
please note that Blogger has implemented automated spam classifying
algorithms to help identify and target spam blogs.

For more information about what we're doing about spam, please see the
following Blogger Help article:

Blogger Support

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The little guy gets screwed by the FCC. Try metric enlargment!

I've finally set up the Official PEMS page for that special gag gift to that special guy.

And Digital AM radio is causing interference for poorer competitors, yet the FCC didn't block it. Clear Channel wins yet again.

You can thank Saskatchewan for your day and night

I think the Saskatchewan In Motion campaign is actually a SaskPower plot to keep the world revolving the proper way, by getting everyone to walk west into Alberta? That ensures the earth keeps spinning properly you know... Heaven help us if Saskies in Alberta start walking or driving back to Sask. There's someone else who thinks I might be on to something.

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Breaking News: Yorkton Superstore has super emergency

There seems to be some kind of fire/medical/police emergency at the Yorkton Superstore. I was possibly the last customer they allowed into the store to do their shopping before the people started to gather at the entrance. Staff at the meat place in the back were standing around outside of the area they take the produce in and out of while a loud humming alarm was audible in the backroom. Three firetrucks, at least two police cars, an ambulance, and fire chief vehicle were gathered to the south of the store between Superstore and Canadian Tire. Someone was taking digital pictures, but I didn't bother to ask them to email me any. I'd left my camera at home, so I didn't get any shots.

I'll let you know if I ever find out what was going on.

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Karwacki to run in Weyburn-Big Muddy riding byeelection

David Karwacki the energetic leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal party is going to be the SK Liberal candidate in the next provincial byeelection.

This is good news for Saskatchewan, as they can add a new dynamic to the otherwise fruitless legislature. Let's hope that Weyburn voters decide they too want an alternative to the disasterous NDP government and the lackluster Sask Party.

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Uncle Sam wants President Bush to stop lying

Louie Sam would be glad to hear this news out of Washington state. They've acknowledged that lynching him to death in 1884 was a bad move.

President Bush lied yet again! He knew the New Orleans levees could breach and was more concerned about SOUNDING prepared than actually doing anything to evacuate people. What could he do; the national guard was in Iraq on his oil war mission. Why is this man still president, don't Americans in government have any self respect? Are they saying a chronic liar and warmonger is the best the country can pick as their head of government?

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Medical Translator available in the east

Translations of medical questions posed by doctors to their patients were provided by a new Canadian designed computer called MedBridge. "Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Portugese, French, and Russian," are some of the languages the MedBridge can work with. CBC reports, "If a patient is deaf, the system can also translate into American Sign Language using video. The MedBridge system is already in use at hospitals in New York, Toronto and Halifax." Pretranslated questions are stored in the computer and the doctor chooses from the list of questions to ask. It's not quite a Universal Translator, but it should improve doctor-patient communication.

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Evolution; movies; poetry

In the news, Utah voted down an anti-science bill questioning the validity of the theory of evolution because there are "scientists" who don't think it works. In other news, Crest has fought off a push to include the following warning on their toothpaste tubes:
Only 9 out of 10 Dentists agree that flouride toothpaste reduce cavities. Since there are dissenting Dentists, you're probably better off gargling with Coke.

Feb. 27, 2006 Monday

I watched "Sideways" [5/10] today. It was a boring romp through southern California filled with drunk driving, cheating, and a smattering of redeeming funny scenes. If there was a category for Depressing Comedy, it'd qualify.

I also got a kick out of the warning that plays automatically at the start of DVD movies, telling us not to pirate the legitimate movie we're watching. The irony is that you can buy a movie with a built in lecture, or you can download the same movie that doesn't force you to watch warning screens and previews you don't want. I watched this movie "legally", but I'd have had wasted less time doing it "illegally".

It's been a while since I wrote any poetry
I'm writing one now though as you can see
Sure the meter's not right, and the tune is too slow
But a good line is coming before you will go
It's not this line though, you'll have to keep reading
It's almost here now, I'm not being misleading
OK, you caught me, I had nothing special planned
With writing like this, my poetry should be banned.
- By Saskboy

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